Having one of the best antivirus packages installed on your PC or notebook remains a necessity – especially in light of world events. We are no closer today to vanquishing the cyber-criminals and hackers that plague the internet than we were a decade ago and it is way too risky to leave your laptop, phone and other technicians without virus protection. In reality, cybercrime has in fact been growing significantly year after year, meaning it is definitely more important than ever to make certain your gadgets have been afforded the protection of the best antivirus out there, whether that is free antivirus or paid.

If you’re searching for all-round protection against the most recent cyber threats, then investing in the most powerful program is the best way you can hope for – and we have the best business antivirus plans if you are trying to look after your company computers. That does not mean you need to begin spending big money , as our guide also provides you the very best available rates for the best software. And if it is the best free antivirus that you are after, we’ve got some high recommendations for you, also.

Our Top 10 Best Antivirus Software

1. Bitdefender Antivirus

Loaded with features, providing you rock-solid protection

Operating system: Windows and Mac options | Maximum apparatus covered: 10 | Standout features: Safepay banking protection, privacy tools, web protection, VPN

  • Excellent antivirus engine
  • Tons of features
  • Great value for money
  • Perhaps not the best in terms of resource use
  • Get a 50-60% reduction on Bitdefender antivirus packages

#1 rated antivirus in a world packed with plenty of virus protection suppliers and does not have to cost that much more than free antivirus downloads.

2. Norton AntiVirus

Protection that will not slow you down

Operating system: Windows and Mac | Maximum apparatus covered: 1 | Standout features: Intelligent firewall, PC maintenance features, a bundled backup tool with online storage

  • Minimal Effect on PC resources
  • Useful bundled backup tool
  • Highly impressive browsing protection
  • Anti-ransomware works — but could be improved

Norton AntiVirus Plus was formerly called AntiVirus Basic but has been revamped to AntiVirus Plus — with several added features — back in 2019. It gives top-quality virus definitions, and a very light touch when it comes to resource use. In actuality, based on PassMark’s latest positions, Norton has the least influence on the operation of a PC when compared with rival security suites.

3. Kaspersky Anti-Virus

A no-nonsense suite that provides top-notch protection

Operating system: Windows just | Maximum apparatus covered: 5 | Standout features: Highly configurable virus scans, self-protection defense, drive-by cryptomining disease prevention

  • Excellent antivirus engine
  • Impressive against undiscovered threats
  • Fast scans
  • Not strong on additional features

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is your entry-level package from this well-respected security vendor. It provides coverage for up to five Windows PCs, focusing on the basic security criteria, so while it has not obtained the longest list of features — especially in comparison to a number of the additional goods highlighted here — what Kaspersky does, it does really well.

4. Trend Micro Antivirus

Accomplished fire-and-forget antivirus solution

Operating system: Windows just | Maximum apparatus covered: 1 | Standout features: Ransomware tracking, Pay Guard banking protection, high-quality URL blocking

  • Simple jargon-free menus and interface
  • Impressive antivirus defenses
  • Folder Shield anti-ransomware tracking
  • Not Heard
  • Somewhat draining your PC resources

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security provides simple but effective defense, using a user-friendly interface and a refreshing absence of jargon when it comes to describing the program’s purposes.

5. Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus

A tempting lightweight antivirus alternative

Operating system: Windows and Mac | Maximum apparatus covered: 3 | Standout features: Always-on security, identity security, real-time anti-phishing, firewall monitor

  • Very well-featured
  • Incredibly compact app
  • Superfast virus scans
  • Restricted testing data from independent labs

Pretty much every antivirus tool claims to be’lightweight’, but Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus actually delivers on this front. Installation takes seconds, and it only uses 15MB (yes, megabytes) of hard disk space — plus the program’s memory footprint is just as tiny, with virus definitions stored in the cloud.

6. Avast antivirus

Heartily well-featured security suite

Operating system: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS | Maximum apparatus covered: 10 | Standout features: Ransomware Shield, Real Website DNS hijack prevention, Wi-Fi Inspector

  • Lots of smart features
  • Highly configurable
  • May slow your PC down a bit
  • Mixed results from antivirus testing labs

Avast’s Premium Security provides a hefty load of features in addition to the company’s famous free antivirus offering. That includes — but is not limited to — a powerful Ransomware Shield, quite comprehensive anti-phishing protection, a secure browser, password manager, file shredder, and even a Wi-Fi Inspector to search for vulnerabilities on your system. It is a crowd-pleasing choice, for sure.

7. Sophos Home

A great choice for multi-device protection

Operating system: Windows and Mac | Maximum apparatus covered: 10 | Standout features: Central management console, AI-powered hazard detection, innovative ransomware protection

  • Capable antivirus engine
  • Great value for shielding Plenty of PCs
  • Lack of Choices
  • Clunky interface in certain respects

Sophos Home Premium covers (around) an impressive 10 apparatus (Windows and Mac computers). It is designed with novices in mind, which is no bad thing, although specialists may find the interface oversimplified, and be disappointed that there are only a few choices or low-level tweaks available.

8. ESET Antivirus

Expert-level antivirus for the more experienced user

Operating system: Windows just | Maximum apparatus covered: 5 | Stand out features: Ransomware Shield, UEFI Scanner, Exploit Blocker, cloud-powered scanning

  • Supremely configurable, tons of options
  • Light on system resources
  • Some shaky results from individual AV labs
  • Not for novices

While ESET Antivirus and, specifically, its NOD32 plan does not have that many features, it is highly configurable. Beginners will find it a catchy program to operate in some ways, but specialists will love the degree of control available here.