A Proven Antivirus & Security Leader

Our job is to protect your information from online dangers.

Zyray Wireless is a leading provider of Internet security solutions purpose-built to protect businesses, solution providers, and home users from malicious and expensive cyber threats. With over twenty years of business experience, we’re one of the world’s largest threat intelligence clouds, providing unmatched protection against the most aggressive online threats. Our powerful software portfolio includes comprehensive endpoint and email security, together with risk intelligence for real-time malware analysis. Zyray Wireless solutions provide simple, detailed, layered protection via cloud-based and server security, with mobile interfaces that enable rapid hazard response. A proud Advanced Technology Partner of Amazon Web Services, we operate globally across Canada. Zyray Wireless is a brand of the j2 Cloud Services division of j2 Global, Inc.

But it all started with an acronym. Virus Intrusion Protection and Remediation Engine. The aim was to protect people when there was a virus and remediate (clean) it. This grew to a focus on Prevention rather than merely Protection. Zyray Wireless would use its Advanced Active Protection to prevent malware threats before they could possibly be dangerous. Now, we are growing beyond that into a security ecosystem.

We provide Home Protection for protecting personal PCs and Macs. Security now is more than just antivirus. We protect our clients’ privacy and their online activities.

Together with our Business Security, you’ll be sure every attack vector is obstructed. Your endpoints are going to be secure and our email security solutions can help you conquer the likelihood of human error. We also carry a line of products for analyzing and assessing new malicious software.

For our Partners, we offer a range of approaches to advertise Zyray Wireless products. We promote Resellers and MSPs with an extensive partner portal. Our affiliates also have easy access to boosting our products.

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