EPQs, HPQs and LPQs


凯末尔夫人, Mr Birtchnell and the student supervisors congratulate the 70 Olavian 一年13 students on successfully completing Edexcel’s Extended Project 2022 - the A level standard standalone qualification designed to extend and develop students’ abilities beyond the A level syllabus.

Our students have shown great scholastic aptitude in facing the 7,000 word Projects. In keeping with their 一年13 leadership responsibilities, external examinations and university interviews the students have independently completed Edexcel’s rigorous Projects designed to increase higher order thinking skills; resourcing knowledge; absorbing new concepts; exploring critical evaluations and testing reflective thinking.

Peers and Staff enjoyed seeing the February Presentations in the 六年级 Library
where students illustrated their arguments on Regenerative Medicine (Elodie Gorter); Social Media Platforms (Serena Onamade); Particle Physics (Lara Tatli); UK Defence Systems (Harshvardhan Patel); Vehicular Automation (Chima Ndukwu and Pradhay Amamath); Green Engineering (Yash Karlekar) and Modern Mo净ary Theory (Tanay Saksena and Aditya Verma) - to name just a few.

These exemplary Olavian students impressed with their superb performance – not only for themselves but as guiding lights for the younger members of the school showing the way to what is possible and achievable.

LPQIt has been fascinating over the term to hear first the Year 11s presenting their HPQs, then the 一年13s with their EPQs and, 最后, 本周, the Year 8s with their LPQs.

These research projects have been both illuminating and entertaining and, 我相信, of great value to the students in all sorts of ways. Congratulations to all the students who took part.